E3 Wrap Transparent Film

A high standard stretch film made from quality materials adds up reliability and protection of palletized goods. In line with this, we offer an LLDPE film that is best suitable with our E3 WRAP 2100 pallet wrapper series. Joining forces to maintain a quick and smooth operation without risking environment safety with its bio-friendly raw materials, and employee well being with a light film weight compared to most products in the market.

E3 Euro Pallet Wrapper – Easy to USE!

E3 is a packaging solution where sustainability meetings packaging. Materials used for the manufacture of E3 series is 95% recyclable. With a light weight design the packaging is energy efficient, save money for you when in use and save our natural recources.

E3 Wrap 2100 LARGO Pallet Wrapper

STEP E3 WRAP 2100 LARGO is a semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine that can accommodate bulkier pallet load. This equipment has a turning diameter of 2500mm for a pallet sizing 2000mm x 600mm. Enhanced with photocell and fix stop to for automated height detection and safe use for operators. The rotary arm installed will halt process at any present interference. Securing that pallets are in stable state, all prepared for transportation.

E3 Wrap 2100 DUO Pallet Wrapper

STEP E3 WRAP 2100 DUO is suitable for manufacturing plants aiming to double pallet wrapping output as this equipment has two rotary arms for concurrently packaging two palletized boxes. Keeping safe the environment and workers with its 5 level safety features, this also has an added advantage when it came to handling cost – delivering quality operation with reduced material cost and power consumption. Providing businesses long term raise in productivity rate.

E3 Wrap 2100 SCALE Pallet Wrapper

Heighten the rate of productivity with the E3 WRAP 2100 SCALE, a wrapping equipment that does packaging and weighing of pallets at the same time. Equipped with a weighing scale of up to 2000kg. Also designed with an ergonomic concept, the E3 series also has a free space no blockage feature – Pallets are placed directly on the floor hence no lifting, pulling, or pushing of heavy bulky boxes, all keeping workers comfortable and productive. This machine is a good call for small to large scale businesses for small to heavy duty pallet wrapping needs.

E3 Wrap 2100 Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapper with Height Sensor

This E3 WRAP 2100 semi-automatic pallet wrapper is crafted using 95% recyclable materials, stays horizontal and could wrap more than a hundred pallets in a single work shift providing you neatly packed pallets ready for distribution. Best suitable for wrapping pallets of various dimensions.

1 Pallet film+E3 Wrap 2100 FREE Pallet Wrapper+Installation

E3wrap43 – BUY 1 pallet of film and installation and get 1 piece of E3 Wrap FOR FREE!!! This full package gives you:

  • 1 pallet of film 35 rolls, choose between transperant 12my, 15my or 20my or black or white 20my
  • 1 Installation, standard wall mount kit.
  • 1 Free Pallet wrapper model E3 Wrap 2100 produced by E3Hallbrook.com in Denmark.

Retro Fit Scale for Strapping Machines

For simple and easy strapping and weighing of machine, this retro fit measuring scale is placed directly under the strapping machine. Simultaneously packing your box or package as well as weigh and mark without further need of lifting the heavy goods and placing it on a scale after or before the banding requirements.

Top Film Floor Dispenser 1500mm

Topfilm dispensor for roll width 1500mm, for placing directly on the floor.

Top Film Wall Dispenser 1500mm

Topfilm dispensor for roll width 1500mm, for hanging directly on the wall