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Hallbrook E3 Wrap 2100

Wrap pallets without headache on money or getting dizzy. Easy to install and use.

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$ 2,475.00

Hallbrook E3 Wrap 2100 Pallet Wrapper. The small investment making the big difference. This easy to install wall mounted stretch film wrapper does the job, slow and easy, but still does a 100 pallets a day, saving you time and effort. No getting dizzy from using a traditional hand wrapper solution, just place the pallet, push the start button, come back after 3-4 minutes, cut the film and place it in the holder. Remove the pallet and place the next. This you can do over and over. No pushing the pallet up over any hills, it sits on the floor, no tumbling of the goods when moving them, the pallet stays horizontal, you can even pack it in position, then just wrap it when you are done. When you are not using the E3 Wrap 2100 almost does not take up any space, less than 40 x 70cm.


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